Quality Packing Materials in Chester & Anglesey

We ensure our packing materials are high quality, with a range of options so that whatever you are looking to move, it can be protected. Whether the item is large, such as a mattress, or small, like toasters and irons, we can offer you the right sizes to make the move easy.

We have a large selection of packing and packaging materials, including cardboard and packing boxes (in a number of different sizes), packing tape, bubble wrap and wardrobe boxes, so we can keep all of your belongings safe. The table below describes some of the packing materials we can provide:

Item Size Price Description
Large Cardboard Box 20 x 18 x 18inches £2.95 each Ideal for packing larger and lighter items within your home.
Small Cardboard Box 18 x 13 x 13inches £2.50 each Ideal for packing fragile kitchen items and ornaments and small items.
Wardrobe Box £8.40 each to buy or free to hire on the day of your move (1 day) What could be easier when packing clothes than to simply take out of your wardrobe and hang straight into our strong wardrobe boxes on original hangers, easy!

We also provide a selection of packing accessories, which are described in the table below:

Item Price Description
Packing Tape £2.00 per role Be sure not to overfill your boxes and seal with our strong packaging tape.
Packing Paper £11.75 per 5kg Packaging paper should be used for packaging fragile items such as glasses and dishes. Also use for void fills within your fragile boxes.
Bubble Wrap £7.00 per 10 metres Use bubble wrap for lining fragile boxes, use as void fill in fragile boxes and also use for fragile items such as pictures, glasses and china.

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